Coochy Shave Cream by Body Boudoir

Coochy is one of my personal favorite products. I have really sensitive and fair skin, and often struggle with razor burn and bumps. When using Coochy, as well as the after shave spray, I have found I get minimal bumps and rashes. Which is a HUGE plus for me. Personally, it does not completely eliminate the bumps from shaving, but it decreases it enough for me to absolutely love this product and swear by it.

Coochy has a wide range of scents, I personally love the newer one called “Loves Me, Loves Me Not.” It is a mixture of amber and daisy, and it actually is a great unisex smell. My boyfriend used it on his face in a pinch, and it smelled very masculine on him.
Coochy isn’t just a great shave cream, but is also a great moisturizing body wash and a hair conditioner! This three in one product can help you save on shower products, which I found amazing.

large variety in scents and sizes
-great for sensitive skin
-revised pump for easier use
-multi use as a hair conditioner and body wash
-a little goes a long way
-paraben and sulfate free
-sugar free
-cruelty free/not tested on animals
–¬†artificially scented
-not organic
-some people may be sensitive to the ingredients [please read them before purchase]

-the nozzle breaks easy and often

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