Soothe Anal Glide Lubricant by Intimate Earth

Asides from using a silicone lubricant for anal play, this is my go to lube. Not only is it safe for toys, being a water based lube, it is naturally an antibacterial due to the guava bark extract that is in it. It didn’t have an odd smell, like some natural or botanically infused lubes have. It was very mild, didn’t go on super thick and only required minimal reapplication. Unlike silicone, water based lubes need some reapplication to remain slick for certain activities, anal play being one of them.

For anal play, I recommend getting this lube and pairing it with a Kink Lab Lube Shooter. This looks like a small syringe, and helps lubricate the entire area inside and out. This helps aid in comfort, as well as helps reduce the need for reapplication. As you may know from my earlier articles, since this lube is water based, it is safe to use with all toys as well as condoms.

Soothe, unlike most water based lubes, didn’t ball up, become sticky or tacky for me, which is always a personal plus. Often times, with water based lubricants, it is hard to escape the stickiness. This lube is labeled as an anal lubricant, but can be used vaginally as well.

-soothing properties from the guava bark, which aid in easier insertion
-naturally anti bacterial
-100% vegan
-made in the US
-paraben free

-water based, so it is more quickly absorbed into the skin and may require reapplication
-contains glycerin

my rating for Soothe by Intimate Earth:  ◆◆◆◆◇

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