Sensuelle G by Nu-Toys for Adults


This toy, is a must have. I repeat, a must have. This toy will make you never want to use your own hands for masturbation ever again. The Sensuelle G is by far, the best g spotstimulation I have ever experienced with any toy. It is perfectly designed to rest comfortably on your g spot, and to add to that, it has a small ball in the tip of the vibrator that has three speeds in an up and down motion. This setting alone was awesome, but add one of the ten vibration functions to it, and I almost can guarantee you will climax in under two minutes, if that.

This toy would be a great toy if you want to experience female ejaculation (squirting) at some point. Granted, more goes into reach female ejaculation than just stimulation, however this would be a great toy to attempt reaching that sort of climax. I will touch on female ejaculation in another post, at another time…However, this toy will definitely be included in that post as a great toy to help aid you in achieving that.

I am totally blown away by how amazing this toy is, as well as how easy it is to use as well as how comfortable it is. This would be a great toy to use in couples play as well. I wouldn’t suggest using this in anal play, due to the shape, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out if you want to. The vibration patterns would make it a solid toy for just about anything.

Make sure to only pair this toy with a water based lubricant, as the silicone lubricant will damage and eventually destroy the toy, which you don’t want to happen. This toy does come with a one year warranty,a storage pouch, an AC adapter, a USB plug and an instructional manual.

Here is a video to help you see what this toy actually looks like when it is turned on and running  

Features of the Sensuelle G:

  1. Three speeds
  2. Ten vibration functions
  3. Unique rolling ball massager at the tip for intense G Spot stimulation
  4. Rechargeable
  5. Splash proof
  6. Powerful Motor
  7. Easy control button
  8. Comes with a one year warranty

Pros of using the Sensuelle G:

  1. Encased in ultra smooth and silky silicone
  2. Intense G Spot stimulation
  3. One year warranty
  4. Rechargeable
  5. Splash Proof
  6. Not extremely girthy
  7. Has multiple vibration patterns
  8. Ergonomically designed to follow the natural curves of your body
  9. Phthalte free
  10. Body safe
  11. RoHS compliant

Cons of using the Sensuelle G:

  1. Not fully water proof
  2. It is firm, so people who do not enjoy firm and non bendable toys would probably not enjoy this toy
  3. The tip of the toy may be too large for some women
  4. Spendy for some

My rating for the Sensuelle G: ◆◆◆◆◆

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