Überlube is a lube that excels in many areas other than just sexual encounters. Überlube is a great beauty product, as well as a great product for athletes or anyone who experiences discomfort from chaffing. Weird sounding, right? But for the quality and price you pay for Überlube, all the added bonus uses really make this product 100% worth every single cent!

This is personally my all time favorite, go to silicone lubricant. Now, being that it is silicone, you cannot use it with certain toys, which can be a major bummer. Especially if it is a favorite. However, for anything that doesn’t involve silicone toys, use this. I repeat, use this!

Obviously, you can use this for sex, anal sex, hand jobs, and more. What more could you possibly use a lubricant for? Well, as I mentioned above, it is a great beauty product. How can a lube be a beauty product? It is a great anti-frizz serum for you hair! Most anti-frizz hair products are silicone based, so add a high end medical grade silicone into the mix and boom, you have the best anti-frizz serum you could possibly find. I use it in my hair, and I also use it as a make up primer. It sticks to your skin and really provides an amazing base to make your make up pop. Überlube won’t dry out your skin either, because one of it’s main ingredients is vitamin E oil (listed as tocopheryl acetate on the bottle).
Überlube also works great for athletes and people who experience any form of chaffing. Even after it is absorbed into your skin, it leaves a silky smooth finish (thanks vitamin E), which also makes it great for massages. It is also a great skin brightener as well as a tattoo brightener!

Überlube is body-friendly—free of parabens, preservatives, and petrochemicals. If you are worried about allergens or added ingredients, this may be a good option for you. Silicone allergies are very rare, however they do exist. You are more likely allergic to something else in a silicone lubricant than the silicone itself. Überlube contains no added ingredients, other than vitamin E. It also contains no spermicides, flavors or sweeteners- these are the ingredients people most commonly have allergic reactions to, as well as parabens.


My experience with using Überlube during sexual activities has been nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t ball up, get tacky and isn’t sticky at all. It is extremely smooth and slick, and lasts so long. I always recommend people only start out with a pump about the size of a pea and then add from there. I have found, even with anal, I haven’t needed more than one of two pea sized droplets for it to last the entire time, and do it’s job flawlessly.

One of my favorite aspects about Überlube, is the packaging. It comes in an easy to use, glass bottle. This makes it super easy to clean off, and makes it so you can leave it on your beside table without feeling like you have a big bottle of lube just hanging out. Überlube also has travel size containers, that are refillable and come with a protective metal case.

Features of Überlube:

  1. Easy to clean, glass container
  2. Contains no additives
  3. Scentless and flavorless
  4. Only a small amount is needed for each use
  5. Great for sex, in every which way
  6. Great beauty and work out/everyday product
  7. Contains vitamin E oil

Pros of using Überlube:

  1. Body safe
  2. High grade silicone
  3. Not much is needed
  4. Attractive and discreet bottle
  5. Many uses
  6. No addetives 

Cons of using Überlube:

  1. Makes skin super silky for hours after use
  2. Will stain sheets
  3. Will ruin silicone toys, unless specified otherwise

Montana Adam & Eve stores carry this product for $38.95

My rating for Überlube: ◆◆◆◆◆


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