Platinum, by Wet

Wet is a lubricant brand you can find virtually everywhere. Although it isn’t the most high end brand, it gets the trick done and it is safe. You don’t have to worry about it being mixed and bottled in someone’s bath tub either. Their lab is actually on the same plot of land and in the same building as their marketing and distributing departments.

Personally,  I generally don’t go to Wet brand lubes ad my go to choice.  However,  that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t!  Wet not only works, but it is affordable! Wet brand is also very body safe,  their flavored lubes are even sweetened with stevia these days, so you don’t have to fret about potential yeast infections.

I have used quite a few different silicone lubes, mostly for anal, and have found that the Platinum by Wet is s new favorite of mine. What I really love about it,  is that it isn’t super thick. Now, not being a thick lubricant does make it a little more difficult to use for anal play or anal sex, however you can just be generous with the amount you use and then bingo! No issues! Not only is it not super thick, but it is an extremely slick lube, and holds up during play wonderfully.

One of my biggest issue with lubricant is how well it washes off. There is nothing that I hate more than a lube that I have to scrub off for twenty minutes. Although it is water resistant,  it came off very easily with just hot water and a sudsy loofah,  with little effort on my part.

Another great quality about Platinum, it doesn’t ball up, get tacky or sticky! With most silicone lubricants,  you don’t really have to worry about it becoming sticky, however there are exceptions.

Platinum comes in an easy to use, snap cap bottle, which is awesome for silicone lubes. You don’t want a cooler bottle, because you can end up making a mess of things and silicone is a major hassle to get out of sheets or clothing! Silicone stains!

♡♡NEVER use silicone lubricant with silicone toys, unless that brand of lubricant is specifically tested and approved for that toy!!! Silicone makes toys become porous, allowing bacteria in, as well it will eventually melt the toy, basically.♡♡

Pros of using Platinum by Wet:

  1. Not super thick
  2. Top tier medical grade silicone
  3. Produced and marketed in the same building
  4. FDA approved
  5. Not tested on animals
  6. affordable
  7. easy to find in stores

Cons of using Platinum by Wet:

  1. Platinum is silicone based, so it stains
  2. not approved for any toys

My rating for Platinum by Wet: ◆◆◆◇◇

Adam & Eve Montana carries 3.1 oz bottles of Platinum by Wet for $24.95

4 thoughts on “Platinum, by Wet

  1. We’ve been using I-D Millennium for anal sex, for years. It is quite a chore for her to wash it off though. We’ll have to pick some of this up and try it out. 🙂

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