WeVibe 4Plus

There is definitely a reason why the WeVibe 4plus has taken the couple’s play world by storm in North America. This toy is the best of the best when it comes to couple’s toys, not only because it fits snugly, has great vibrations and two motors, but it also includes a state of the line feature of being Bluetooth compatible. What does that mean in regards to this toy? That means that one partner can be across the globe and still connect with their lover through video chat and texting. However, that isn’t all. You can be separated by an ocean and fifty different countries, and your partner can control the toy. That’s right, they can control the toy as you sit at home with candles in your cozy bed.

This toy is an absolute must for any couples that spend regular amounts of time apart. It brings a whole new aspect to long distance intimacy. Let’s face it, phone sex and naughty texting can only be so fun for so long. With the features this toy provides, you can feelcloser than ever before when you are spending time apart. Another great feature of this toy with its app, you can completely customize your own vibration patterns for both motors. If you have ever bought a toy with multiple functions, you can probably relate that you find your favorite one or two settings and the rest are just okay. Well, with the WeVibe 4plus, you have twelve presets and then you have the ability to completely customize your own vibrations for both motors. Definitely one of the best selling points for this toy.

When used as a couple’s toy or a solo toy, the WeVibe 4plus provides great clitoral stimulation and amazing g spot stimulation. This is primarily due to how it is designed. It fits very snug inside, pressing against the g spot continually. I have tested how snug this toy fits, and you can walk around as well as do squats without the toy falling out.


Above, you can see how the toy sits when used as a solo toy, as well as a couples toy. Pair your WeVibe 4plus with Pjur brand water based lube of Pjur brand silicone lubricant. Pjur silicone lube is specifically tested for that it is 100% safe to use with WeVibe products.


  1. Couple’s toy/solo toy
  2. Rechargeable
  3. Encased completely in body-safe silicone
  4. Completely submersible (100% water proof)
  5. Bluetooth and app compatible with iPhone and Droid
  6. Comes with a wireless remote
  7. Two motors
  8. Control from anywhere

Pros of using the WeVibe 4plus:

  1. Rechargeable
  2. 100% water proof
  3. 100% body safe
  4. Insured for one year
  5. less than 1% defect rate
  6. discreet charging port
  7. can control globally

Cons of using the WeVibe 4plus:

  1. May be too snug of a fit for people with smaller vaginal anatomy or people who have partner’s with girthy penises.
  2. May be too small for people who are curvier or more heavy set in the pubic area.
  3. Red colored WeVibe is more hot pink than red

Montana Adam & Eve carries a variety of colors of the WeVibe 4plus for $179.95

my ratingof the weVibe 4plus ◆◆◆◆◆

EDIT: weVibe recently had to go to trial for a settlement due to the Bluetooth being hackable, which opens doors for potential sexual assault while using Bluetooth compatible products. This personally does not stop me from using mine, but it is something to consider before purchasing.

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