B Balls by Fun Factory

Fun Factory’s B Balls are easily my favorite anal toy. They cause so much sensation and stimulation, it’s crazy! Especially considering they have no motor,  and no electrical source. The B Balls contain two smaller, weighted balls in the center of each out ball,  that rotating and jostle around with any movement.

Since this toy lacks any motor function, it makes it the perfect anal toy for public play.  Just slip them in and let the fun begin! Even an act as simple steps walking causes the inner balls to start moving and rotating,  which then makes the “vibration” occur. Take it for a ride on a road trip with your spouse, or be extra naughty and go on a public bus ride with it in.

This toy may be too large for beginners to anal, however that doesn’t rule beginners out for purchasing and using it. If someone new to anal wants to try it out, point out that the stimulation is great because it helps relax their muscles, which aids in preparation for anal sex. Pair it with a muscle relaxing lube and you are golden! I always just recommend customers to relax,  breathe and use lots of lube if they are just starting out and are interested in this toy.

One of my favorite aspects of this toy, is the crescent shaped base. It is extremely comfortable and fits so snug that it makes it so easy to wear out and about. I recommend everyone try some form of public play at some point.

This toy provides great sensation for both partners when used as a couple’s toy. The different sizes of the outer balls provide an awesome variation of tightness and pressure for the penis, and they also get to enjoy the “vibration” the inner balls provide. It is made from super slick silicone, which allows it to bend with your body wonderfully.

Overall,  I think this is a must have toy if you enjoy anal play.

Features of B Balls:

  1. 2 weighted balls that react to motion
  2. Crescent-shaped base for comfort during extend periods of wear
  3. great for couples or solo play
  4. Medical grade,  body safe silicone
  5. ABS plastic
  6. Easy to clean
  7. two year warranty
  8. German made product

Pros of using B Balls:

  1. Easy to insert
  2. Provides stimulation without needing batteries
  3. Motorless
  4. Body safe
  5. Easy up keep
  6. Designed for extended periods of use
  7. Quiet
  8. comes with a warranty

Cons of using B Balls:

  1. Large for beginners
  2. No actual vibrator/motor

My rating for Fun Factory’s B Balls: ◆◆◆◆◆


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