Bunny Kiss by Cal Exotics


The first toy I decided to review is one of my personal favorites. This is the limited edition, silicone Bunny Kiss vibrator from Cal Exotics (California Exotics). I love recommending this toy, as well as the Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss to people who are just starting out with using toys, want something affordable, and who enjoy some solid internal and external stimulation.
This toy may not seem like anything fancy,  but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! This specific edition only has three speed settings,  but honestly I have found that with this toy- that’s all you need. The vibrations of the Bunny Kiss are very buzzy, with little to no rumble vibration.  For me, I have found that this is one of the quickest toys to get me to that giggling, squeally girl state.
Aesthetically,  this toy is easily one of the cutest I own. The little rabbit that is the clitoral stimulator, is beyond adorable.  It is one of the smoothest feeling silicone toys for the amount you are paying for it.
This toy is often appealing to customers due to its size and how it is hardly phallic shaped. If your customer seems hesitant, point out that it is extremely soft as well as flexible, so it really does a wonderful job with helping you obtain g-spot orgasms as well as clitoral orgasms. The Bunny Kiss also make a wonderful anal play toy for both men and women. The curve upwards and it’s flexibility really make this toy a great prostate massager, however it is definitely marketed more towards women, so men may be a bit turned off to buying it as their first choice of anal toy to purchase for themselves. This can be a good key point to mention to couples who are in shopping together for a toy that they can use during play time with each other.

Missoula Adam & Eve carries this toy for $32.95


  1. takes 2 AA batteries.
  2. Silky smooth body safe silicone encased.
  3. Single motor.
  4. Great internal and external stimulation.
  5. 30 day warranty.
  6. Easy on and off button.

Pros to using the Bunny Kiss

  1. Body safe silicone
  2. Great internal and external stimulation
  3. included warranty
  4. soft
  5. adorable design
  6. bends with your body

Cons to using the Bunny Kiss

  1. Single motor
  2. requires batteries
  3. 3 functions

My rating: ◆◆◆◆◇

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